What do you do when there isn’t a physical flipchart?

To be honest, I’m only now realizing the value of a flipchart and the opportunity to bring a conversation or a group’s thoughts to life in a controlled or spontaneous manner. It was simple to stick flipchart paper on the walls (using approved hotel sticking materials, of course), with participants moving around to add their contribution, followed by a session to summarise key takeaway messages or actions. We’ve almost certainly all planned or participated in something similar.
Would this format translate to the virtual world? Well, the answer is yes and with impressive results in my experience.

Advisory boards and investigator meetings were popular options for digital meetings prior to the pandemic. Adobe Connect, in particular, used multiple room formats with virtual whiteboards like #24 Klaxoon or #25Miro, which are pretty much direct replacements for an actual flipchart to generate consensus, commitment, and involve all voices in a meeting – the key to success is practice. For some, using this type of new technology is just that – new – and mastering the approach can take some time, but those who can, as we have seen, create an advantage in terms of generating engagement and results from their digital meetings.

Kayla Gaul
Account Manager

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