Webinar: “Healthcare events: Revolution or evolution?”

2 minute read

Last week Braydon McCormick, CEO of Intempio spoke with healthcare meetings strategist Andrew Winterburn of 3Sixty Event Consulting, Mark Lightowler Founder and CEO of Phorix, and host Peter Llewellyn, Community Facilitator, Promoter and Activist in global Medical Communications for the MedComms Network.


You can get involved in the MedComms Network’s discussions here.

“How we design our meetings to create meaningful outcomes has been changed forever by the Pandemic. We have the opportunity to use digital, face-to-face, and hybrid formats to really accelerate our businesses providing content at the point of need that addresses the objectives of participants and stakeholders equally. ”

Braydon McCormick, Intempio CEO

View the full video to hear the panels thoughts on:

  1. Stakeholders, content providers and HCP thoughts, perceptions and expectations.
  2. How meeting design will evolve due to an increase in digital models.
  3. Impacts from sustainability and change in funding by industry to meetings

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