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COVID-19 IMPACT on meetings

Globally, F2F HCP meetings are down 50%.  

Virtual interactions are up 288%

More below on client requests we’re receiving 

Business continuity is possible. 


June 3 rd, 2020:

It’s been approximately 12 weeks since COVID-19 has changed the way we work, and we’ve seen entire industries move remote for work, and now that the initial shock is wearing off, we’re noticing several key trends.  We’ll note them below:

 1. We’re seeing more large meetings being planned to be fully virtual. Companies are realizing we’re in for the long haul and large meetings still need to go on.  These complex meetings need a whole different level of planning and large corporations are converting their existing Meetings teams into virtual meetings teams.  

2. Staff expectations for ease of use are rapidly and dramatically shifting.  Where before, Teleconference and screen sharing were normal and the issues with getting audio were normal, now, with Zoom and MS Teams “click to join” capabilities, participants have far less tolerance for any issues. 

3. Need to “make it pop”.  People are tired. Tired of virtual meetings, tired of always being “on.”  Leadership wants to engage staff and feels a deep need to create a sense of urgency and excitement beyond the daily meeting. 


We support our clients by focusing on how to arrive at value and how to do it risk-free. 

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Our request list continues to grow dramatically, but we still have capacity. Give us a shout if we can help.   

Business continuity is possible – just get some help.

Requests and conversions in the last 12 weeks:

Planned face-to-face, but being converted to virtual delivery

Date received Attendees Meeting type Lead time Content/plan changes
Feb 27 60 Global Access leadership Summit 4 days Minimal, speaker readiness
Feb 28 200 Neuroscience Medical Affairs Summit 2 wks Substantial and speaker readiness
Mar 3 10-20 Ad Boards (80 requests so far) 48 hrs – 3 wks Minimal, participant readiness
Mar 9 100 Commercial cross training (3 so far) 1-4 wks Substantial, with exercises
Mar 4 100 New hire phase 2 training over 5 days 3 wks Substantial, with exercises
Mar 9 40 Global project kick off – 9 workshops 5 days Workflow modifications
Mar 10 1000 HCP Disease awareness congress 1 mo Minimal, speaker readiness
Mar 10 3000 Patient disease awareness update 2 mo Minimal, engagement planning
Mar 12 100 New Org National Sales Meeting 1 mo Substantial, show flow planning
Mar 13 250 15 Medical Skills sessions 1 wk Minimal, show flow planning
Mar 13 20 4 full days of training 2 wks Minimal, engagement planning
Mar 13 80 New hire training for 3 different products over 4 weeks 2 wks Significant content change
Mar 16 50 Payee planning sessions 4 wks Minimal, engagement planning
Mar 16 150 Product field updates 3 wks Minimal, engagement planning
Mar 16 60 Sales updates 1 wk Minimal, engagement planning
Mar 18 40 HR/Brand alignment sessions 3 wks Minimal, logistics planning
Mar 18 100 Rep virtual certifications 1 wk Minimal, logistics planning
Mar 18 200 Executive town hall 3 wks TBD
Mar 18 50 Congress replacement 2 mnts TBD
Mar 19 TBD Coaching sales sessions 2 mnts Minimal, reuse and update
Mar 19 TBD Support staff, team extension 1 wk Process integration
Mar 19 250 Upskilling workshop series 1 wk Minimal
Mar 19 200 Trade sanctions presentations 3 mnts TBD
Mar 20 500 Software skills training 1 wk Minimal, process and support
Mar 23 250 Overall org meeting support 1 wk Process and training
Mar 24 180 Phase 1 home training review 1 wk Content, structure and process
Mar 24 50-2000 Rep/HCP engagement meetings 4 days Structure and process
Mar 25 14 Commercial Ad Board 3 wks Minor, structural changes
Mar 25 20 Commercial Ad Board 2 wks Minor, structural changes
Mar 25 100 Phase 2 role play 1 wk Minor, structural changes
Mar 25 20 Medical Planning session 2 wks Content, structural
Mar 30- April 9 Many

Ad boards, Payer meetings, HCP meetings, Sales Training, MSL training, Trial workshop


1wk to 1mo Varied
April – May

Three major product launches, Ad Boards, 400 HCP/MSL meetings



How we can help

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Meeting platform provisioning

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