The 100 technology checks needed to make a virtual meeting successful!

My coworkers encouraged me to write down some of my observations and lessons learned from our client interactions, account meetings, and project meetings over the last year. Considering, from the perspective of an event manager, what my in-person to digital meeting journey has been and how that specifically translates to the technology checks that must be completed in order to create a successful virtual meeting – I hope you enjoy it.

Prior to February 2020, I worked as an account manager who focused on in-person meetings. Like many others, I had to quickly adapt to the changes brought about to meetings by the COVID pandemic. I was fortunate to be able to quickly join a market leader in virtual meetings for the healthcare sector. Not everyone was so fortunate, and I hope that those who are still considering a career can find inspiration in this part of my story.

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The Technology Glue to Stick the Day to Day Together

CVENT is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of meeting technology – technology number one #1 on my list – over the years I have become an expert in using the platform for budgeting, meeting approval, venue search, and registration for single or multi-meetings as part of SMMP (Strategic Meetings Management Process) initiatives. Though some of CVENT’s features are less useful for virtual meetings, the approval tool, visibility on meeting activity, registration, and connectivity with VEEVA, #2, and Salesforce, #3 are extremely beneficial. Understanding VEEVA #3 at a deeper level than before the pandemic has been criticized as clients have been forced to quickly adapt their compliance processes and policies to account for the increased volume of virtual meetings, particularly where regional and national variations in regulatory codes must be taken into account. Google Drive is the #4 technology, and it is where we securely store all of our compliance policies, client-specific variations, and project checklists. What would an event manager do if they didn’t have a checklist?

Is this cheating? But technology #5 is GMAIL and #6 Asana, which is part of our global project management process, and #7 Slack, our internal messaging system, where I can bore those in colder climates with the stories of my Florida sun!. Given that we have a number of locations operating across multiple time zones, I’m not sure how we’d make the multi-meeting, multi-language programmes work without instant-messaging tools.

Kayla Gaul
Account Manager

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