Commercial Case Study:

Sales Force Cross Training 600 Person 5 Day Workshop

Business challenge:

One client reduced sales staff, and elected to add three products to the 600 remaining sales force. The change in structure required cross training of existing reps, but due to increase cost pressures and the optics of reduction, no travel was permitted. 


Client saved $2,100,000 over travel, and recovered 1,200 field days while enabling the field with new products.

Meeting Design

  • No travel
  • Workshop style with role play
  • 30 per class with 3-5 at a time on table top exercises
  • General sessions from marketing, sales operations, medical affairs and compliance


  • 6 weeks advance planning
  • 12-24 concurrent virtual class rooms
  • Deployed audio and camera equipment as well as producers and technicians for 24 simultaneous sessions
  • Help desk support for technical issues