Virtual Meeting Platforms

We support virtual meetings on just about any platform. (That means IT teams actually like us.) If you use it, we’ve used it – and we’ll make sure your meeting runs smoothly.

Microsoft 365

We work with the entire Microsoft 365 suite of cloud-based tools. That includes Microsoft Teams, of course. But we also tap SharePoint, Stream, Whiteboard and more to create virtual events that engage, educate and enthrall. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe’s web conferencing solution is ideal for meetings, conferences and learning sessions. If you use it, we’ll be there behind the scenes, making sure everything works just right.


Another Zoom call? Not with Intempio. We turn Zoom into a platform for exceptional virtual meetings and webinars. Deliver a familiar, user-friendly experience for your attendees. And do it without sacrificing quality or security.

Custom Virtual Meeting Solutions

The Intempio Hub creates a hotel-like experience for your attendees and presenters. From the “main stage” to breakout rooms and networking, we can help you create something truly special.

Your meeting matters.
Let’s make it better.

Expectations for virtual meetings have never been higher. We’ll make sure yours is amazing.