My Top Trumps of Virtual Meeting Technology

A colleague compared the number of tools we use regularly and those we are considering for future use to a game of Top Trumps (I had to look that up – the wrong generation), but it made sense. A diverse set of tools has quickly emerged to meet a variety of needs in response to the tsunami of technical development at Intempio, as well as creative ideas from others. But why are top trumps used? Because we, probably like you, use a consistent set of criteria to evaluate each technology. We must determine “what solves what” and “who is the best in class.” Hence the reference to Top Trumps with some cards scoring more highly in some capabilities than others.

Top Trumps Britain At Its Best Bundle Card Game : Toys & GamesVirus Trumps - 1 Pack | Centre of the Cell

And this is where we make a jump in the number of technologies.

Of course, we have favorites, which are listed in this blog, but to get to a core group of 10-15 technologies, we had to evaluate #000, and that number is expected to grow as new solutions enter the market and our clients become more comfortable with pushing boundaries. We have over 40 currently on the tech dev teams to-do list as I write. That being said, my favorite is, of course, our #12 Hub, but looking beyond our solutions, I really like the collaboration applications because they use the best technology to generate tangible outcomes from meetings.

So, if I had to add another external technology, I’d choose #24 Klaxoon.  Why? Because, after supporting hundreds of virtual meetings, it’s clear that those that allow for a two-way conversation are the most valuable. This is how speakers feel, and evaluations back it up, with meetings like advisory boards and brainstorming sessions consistently ranking highest in terms of how well participants understood the content and how they will apply it in, say, clinical practice. I’d also like to make a special mention of #25 mmhmm#27 XSplit and #28 Filmora. All three focus on developing the speaker and participant experience when streaming presentations. This is all a little secret though ………….

So, as I suggested in the title of this blog, my colleagues and I must perform 000 technology checks in order to provide the best tool for the required results, and these checks show no signs of stopping, with new tools from Intempio and others entering the market every week.

I’m very lucky

Why is this the case? Because I am not solely responsible for ensuring the relevance, technical components, and stability of the numerous technologies that we now rely on every day. That is the job of the Intempiotech boffins!

Face-to-face meetings were frequently complex with many moving parts, but virtual meetings can now be just as complex for a variety of reasons, including tech checks, building confidence with content providers and speakers, and motivating participants to participate and by clicking “join meeting” rather than waiting as an event manager in an in-person setting, for the text message from the airport stating that flight 123 from Singapore had landed with 5 rather than 6 people and the 6th is a speaker that afternoon. Yes, even face-to-face meetings had their challenges to overcome! 

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Kayla Gaul
Account Manager

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