Intempio’s: In-person meeting contingency guarantee

The lack of certainty in the current environment, brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, is a continuing business challenge. To plan an in-person meeting cannot be done with an absolute level of certainty. 

At Intempio we can’t solve the effects of a global pandemic but we can ask, do you have a contingency plan in place? One that doesn’t blow your budget, which protects your investment in content development, design, participant recruitment and does not burden your content providers.

We recognize these challenges so have put together our in-person Meetings Contingency Guarantee. In simple terms, if you are planning an in-person meeting we will create a no-cost contingency to be able to flip to an effective virtual solution seamlessly.

We Can provide 2 levels and a flexible depth of contingency planning. 

  • Applies to meetings that are planned to be face to face and require a digital contingency.
  • Dates for a meeting must have been finalised alongside participant size and speaker numbers.

Level 1

  1. Planning meeting with you and your other meeting partners e.g., medical communications
  2. Contingency planning; identification and documenting of critical factors e.g., technology platform requirements, programme, speakers, timelines, ballpark budgets. 
  3. All contingency planning  before a meeting provided by Intempio at no cost.
  4. If the contingency is not used, Intempio will not charge any cancellation fees.

For those that require an enhanced level of contingency planning, Intempio can build a tailored solution. 

Level 2

  1. Level 1 contingency planning plus.
  2. Re-purposing of branding e.g., meeting design and themes.
  3. Programme of parallel to in-person virtual contingency rehearsals for speakers.
  4. Creation of run sheets and other planning materials.
  5. Names Intempio account, project and producer team.
  6. Fees for enhanced contingency planning will apply to level 2.

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