Guide: Reducing risk in virtual HCP programming

Over tens of thousands of virtual meetings, Intempio research has identified several key risks and mitigation activities associated with successfully delivering virtual HCP programming for commercial and Medical Affairs groups. Beyond the common reporting, financial and compliance risks associated with any HCP program, there are also credibility and business opportunity risks due to lack of HCP engagement and operational delivery risks.

Specifically, Intempio has found that lack of engagement in sessions leads to poor outcomes.  Engagement

Actions to decrease risk:

  • Design content: Identify environments that are conducive to active discussions and plan accordingly
  • Train facilitators: Gather conversation data, analyze for content relevance and identify content needs
  • Streamline data: Gather conversation data, analyze for common topical feedback questions and generate facilitator guide

Ensure adequate support: Provide relevant content and questioning training to facilitators to provide on-demand content and new skills to drive discussion

Measure discussions to improve outcomes

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