Gathering smart data through the use of Atomic Units when consensus building with HCP’s.

Data is far broader, nuanced, and powerful than simply asking if you liked the interaction on a scale of 1 to 7. 

That’s why we recommend the use of Atomic Units; essentially predictive judgments, central to the outcomes from a meeting, often with a smaller group such as an advisory board or internal workshop.

Predictive judgment: “Other HCPs who value data would also prescribe Soliptra* over competitors.”

How do you bring the data to life using Atomic Units? By a combination of facilitation techniques, real-time collaboration tools, anonymous chats, and rating & ranking surveys to derive, cull and sort these Atomic ideas into usable data.

What does this look like in the form of a process around a meeting?

At Intempio, as you can guess, we love talking about data. 

Reach out to us to talk about how you can use data to make better meetings that address your strategic objectives. 

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