Free Budget Calculator: for Digital Meetings

Free Budget Calculator: for Digital Meetings

We are pleased to release v1.0 of our free online budget calculator. At Intempio we are regularly asked “ballpark – what would that cost” when our stakeholders are considering a digital meeting. This question motivated us to help the broader community answer that same question in a simple way.

You don’t need to log in, simply click the link below, and with 9 selections get a sense of the cost range for different formats of digital meetings. You may be setting your budget and don’t wish to get into a detailed RFP process, bench test some assumptions, or use the calculator to check what you may be able to do with a static budget.  

The calculator has been user-tested but we would love more feedback to inform future releases, so feel free to share your thoughts.

Good luck!

Braydon McCormick

CEO – Intempio

The Calculator in brief:

  • Create a budget range based on 6 digital meeting formats
  • Benchmark costs.
  • Understand the scope of your budget
  • No login required
  • Just 9 selections to calculate an on-screen budget range for your digital meeting
  • Request a pdf of your budget with the bonus addition of some handy hints and tips to plan your digital meeting

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