Monitor and measure to determine value

Understanding the conversation empowers action

Extract rich meaning to guide your business.

Monitor for compliance or quality.

Custom data points integrated into your BI.

Monitoring and Analytics

For legal or business or both.

Structured data

Pre, During and Post-meeting structured data collections allow for directional change analysis and clear answers to direct queries.

Qualitative data

By extracting questions from meeting conversation, applying context analysis and theme meta-analysis, aggregrated qualitative data provides an unprecedented level of market insight.  

Compliance tracking

Often presenters either need to articulate key messaging, or legal disclaimers for risk mitigation and compliance.  Intempio’s third party validation and tracking allows for scalable and consistent compliance coverage and reporting based on your inputs. 

Intempio’s robust collection and reporting capability takes the burden off your plate

We partner to identify your business drivers and map appropriate KPIs and question development for effectiveness.

Meeting platforms we support:

Great meetings, Happy clients


When your stakeholders are happy, you’re happy.  

Why we are different

Intempio’s robust processes, highly trained producers and broad technical expertise, combined with a sensitivity to facilitator needs gives you an industry-first ability to sale your virtual meetings.  

With 24x7x365 support, spanning the globe, our service gives you reach and reassurance for whenever you need to meet.

There is no other company exclusively focused on light-weight virtual meeting delivery.