Commercial case study:

500 virtual meetings in 60 days

Business challenge:

A business critical software rollout required global live demonstrations and training for 10,000 users over 60 days. Internal support resources initially attempted virtual delivery but failed with coordination and technical issues. 


Intempio ramped up resources, coordinated communication with stakeholders and users, created session templates, and delivered virtual sessions with less than 2% error rate.

Meeting Design

  • No travel
  • Workshop style for software training
  • 30-50 per class with 3-5 at a time on table top exercises
  • In addition to class room, needed office hours for on-going support
  • Global audience, 24 hour support required


  • 3 weeks advance planning
  • 8-15 sessions per day, global support
  • Provided production, administration and coordination for all sessions
  • Help desk support for technical issues
  • <2% error rate across 500 meetings with sharp ramp up time