Medical Affairs Case Study:

40 Person, 2 Day Strategic Planning Meeting

Business challenge:

Global Medical Directors at one client need to have regular steering committee meetings with external global medical leadership.  Due to scheduling challenges and regulatory reporting concerns, travel for these committee meetings is restricted. However, due to the credibility risk associated with successfully delivering these meetings, a strong virtual capability is required.


Steering committee members were able to fully engage, committee stakeholder developed robust feedback from participants and strategic needs were met. Team saved over $500,000 in costs while driving significant external engagement.

Meeting Design

  • No travel
  • Collaboration and discussion format
  • Note taking, video usage and presentations
  • Pre-meeting planning and technical checks


  • Quarterly meeting communication
  • Concierge meeting support
  • Technology checks and help desk
  • White glove support
  • Includes international attendee management
  • Pre and post meeting communication and surveys