Reduce your virtual meeting stress

The 350 plan 
A little help for your virtual meeting

A logon, a technical producer and you.

Everything you need for a smooth virtual meeting.

Starting at $175.

Using the 350 plan

Light-weight, easy to use.

Add intempio to your invite

We give you a private invite email address like for your approved meeting organizers. Add that email to your calendar invite, add your content and our confirmation indicates we are ready to go.

Intempio helps your meeting

Intempio will open the meeting 1-hour in advance.  If you want to practice, add polls or greet early attendees, we are there.

From facilitator to attendee issues, we have it covered.  If you need help guiding the meeting, we’re there the entire meeting.

Need more help?  A second producer is only $175 extra. 

Receive your post-event report

Want to know who was there?  We’ll send out a post-event report with attendees and any issues. 

Need a recording? We can add that in too.


Meeting platforms we support:

Great meetings, Happy clients


When your stakeholders are happy, you’re happy.  

Why we are different

Intempio’s robust processes, highly trained producers and broad technical expertise, combined with a sensitivity to facilitator needs gives you an industry-first ability to sale your virtual meetings.  

With 24x7x365 support, spanning the globe, our service gives you reach and reassurance for whenever you need to meet.

There is no other company exclusively focused on light-weight virtual meeting delivery.