Commercial case study

Scaled 300 virtual KOL/HCP educational sessions

Business challenge:

As part of a Multi-channel approach, one brand team needed to engage HCPs in branded and unbranded discussions with KOLs. Although they had live, in-person KOL meetings, they needed to bring stronger KOLs to more geographically dispersed areas, at lower cost. They had tried virtual programs in the past, but vendors had failed to deliver at scale.  


Intempio scaled the program to several hundred sessions per year, with less than 1% technical error rate and reduced scheduling errors made by the agency of record.

Meeting Design

  • No travel
  • Virtual meeting format for HCPs around the US
  • Variable site requirements due to HCP office and hospitals
  • High scale, requiring coordinated effort across agencies and client operations


  • 2 months advance planning
  • 2-5 sessions per day, US support
  • Provided production, administration and coordination for all sessions
  • Portal integration for single data consistency
  • Help desk support for technical issues
  • Significant regulatory coordination
  • Unified virtual meeting support