Commercial Case Study:

120 Person, 1.5 Day, Product Soft Launch

A client’s product received accelerated FDA approval, leaving a one month gap between approval and the planned launch meeting. Each lost sales day represented approximate $1M in lost revenue opportunity, so the client decided to do a soft launch to certify sales reps and get into the field. Intempio designed and delivered a collaborative sales program using the client’s existing materials.


Client recovered 800 sales days and $20M in revenue, enabling competitive advantage and value.

Meeting Design

  • No travel
  • Workshop style with collaboration
  • Multiple, concurrent virtual rooms
  • Presentations from leadership
  • Disease state, product and PI information
  • What good looks like
  • Objection handling and role play


  • 30 days planning
  • Technology check
  • Multiple, synchronized virtual rooms
  • US broadcast
  • Remote support