Commercial case study

100 patient webcasts for brand and community building

Business challenge:

One brand team needed to provide disease state and brand education sessions to neurological patients who could not travel to in-person events.    With strict regulatory needs in place, they turned to Intempio to help with delivery.



Intempio created a legal and regulatory approved delivery format and portal, and scaled the delivery of sessions across multiple KOLs, allowing 1,000s of patients to be able to engage in valuable content, while brand teams gathered critical data on attendance and questions.

Meeting Design

  • No travel
  • Regulatory approved Virtual meeting format for patients
  • Variable site requirements due to HCP office and hospitals
  • High scale, requiring coordinated effort across agencies and client operations


  • 2 months advance planning
  • 2-5 sessions per day, US support
  • Provided production, administration and coordination for all sessions
  • Provided HCP introductions
  • Portal integration
  • Speaker training
  • Help desk support for technical issues
  • Significant regulatory coordination
  • Conciere virtual meeting support